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For the car valuation available the following books:

-Schwacke lists a book for car valuation to Germany and Austria. This book is used to determine the customs tariff of the base when the importation of cars from these countries. Schwacke sheet is used to calculate the discount on the mileage used cars that duty. Proposed mileage is mileage that the car should not exceed the specified age. It is calculated by dividing the age of the car in years multiplied by average annual mileage. When the value of each leaf compared with the past kilometers of the car is cleared, it can be determined whether there is a right to subject to discount. Table discount varies from 1% to 25% compared to the fact how many miles the car has crossed over to the Customs in respect of mileage from Schwacke lists;

-Autoventure the book for car valuation on the Italian market but is used as a parameter for determining the base clearance cars for the following countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. This book has Stock lower prices (lower base - and the duty on cars imported from these countries is lower) than Schwacke lists;

-Personenwagen the book for car valuation on the Belgian market. This book has car value is lower than Schwacke Lists and more than Autoventure;

-L'argus is a book car values in France. This book has a highest book value cars.

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